ANCESTRAL Synonyms & Definition

• Ancestral
  1. (a.) Of, pertaining to, derived from, or possessed by, an ancestor or ancestors; as, an ancestral estate.

Hereditary, Patrimonial, Transmissible,


Can you please translate of gabiya in English

Roi Reves , Saudi Sat 08 Jun, 2019

I want translation and meaning of this
Allahumma wasey rizqi wus atanw la ahtajo ila ahadin min khalqiqa

Saima , Karachi Thu 30 May, 2019

Surah ko arbi me kya kehty Hein?

Ahsan , Karachi Tue 14 May, 2019

cute in arabic

Nesh , singapore Fri 19 Apr, 2019

what does "laa mazhab" mean?

Tejaswini , Bangalore Sat 09 Feb, 2019

what the meanings of 'miami" in arabic

Arif , Dhaka Sun 27 Jan, 2019

What does the word jahiem mean in Arabic

Abdul naim , New Brunswick Tue 01 Jan, 2019

Please give me an appropriate Arabic word ,whose meaning should be RESIDENTIAL.

Uzma , Roorkee Tue 25 Dec, 2018

Meaning in hindi...sl hai

Barkat panjwani , Surat Mon 24 Dec, 2018

What is the meaning of Kadafiya.

Kaneezfatima , Mumbai Fri 21 Dec, 2018



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