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English to Arabic Dictionary – No one can deny the significance of English to Arabic dictionary as both are the widely spoken international languages. However, there are several people who can understand just English or Arabic language and want to enhance their vocabulary. The English to Arabic or Arabic to English dictionary offers them great assistance in this regard as they can learn the meaning of difficult words without any hassle.

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What is the meaning of word stafarla in english

  • Paulits, Manama
  • Tue 25 Aug, 2020

Can u translate zollo

  • Axel Ahuactzin, Newport Beach
  • Mon 24 Feb, 2020

Can you please translate of gabiya in English

  • Roi Reves, Saudi
  • Sat 08 Jun, 2019

I want translation and meaning of this Allahumma wasey rizqi wus atanw la ahtajo ila ahadin min khalqiqa

  • Saima, Karachi
  • Thu 30 May, 2019

Surah ko arbi me kya kehty Hein?

  • Ahsan, Karachi
  • Tue 14 May, 2019

cute in arabic

  • Nesh, singapore
  • Fri 19 Apr, 2019

what does "laa mazhab" mean?

  • Tejaswini, Bangalore
  • Sat 09 Feb, 2019

what the meanings of 'miami" in arabic

  • Arif, Dhaka
  • Sun 27 Jan, 2019

What does the word jahiem mean in Arabic

  • Abdul naim, New Brunswick
  • Tue 01 Jan, 2019

Please give me an appropriate Arabic word ,whose meaning should be RESIDENTIAL.

  • Uzma, Roorkee
  • Tue 25 Dec, 2018

English to Arabic Dictionary

Dictionary is the most useful gadget, but English to Arabic dictionary is a must-have tool for everyone. In Pakistan, people use the English to Arabic dictionary not only for learning purposes but also to understand the Holy Quran and Ahdees. English to Arabic dictionary online will also help in communication as this page is consist of a huge data of vocabulary data that would surely provide you the translation of Arabic word in English. Online English to Arabic dictionary would not help you in the learning process but also makes you bilingual and assist you while traveling to Arab countries. English to Arabic dictionary online can be used easily by just writing the word in the search bar.

Arabic to English Dictionary

To make the easy procedure of learning the Arabic language we have come up with an Arabic to English dictionary that would help you to translate Arabic to English. As English has spoken in many countries so this Arabic to English dictionary will be a good guide for students, travelers, teachers, and learners. With its clear definitions and careful selection of the latest words in all walks of life, the Arabic-English dictionary will meet your daily language needs and make your travels more comfortable if you are traveling to Any country where Arabic or English is spoken.

Translate English to Arabic

Now make your all language or communication work easy with English to Arabic online dictionary. Translate English to Arabic and learn the news vocabulary easily. Don’t need to carry heavy dictionaries just take out your cell phone and translate English to the Arabic language with this amazingly designed platform that is providing the English to Arabic translation without any hassle. Enjoy the search, be bilingual, learn new languages and improve your communication skills.