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English Roman Urdu
Addition Izaafaa اضافہ
Ensure Yaqini soorat daina یقینی صورت دینا
Ensure Yaqini soorat daina یقینی صورت دینا
Deported Jalaa-watan جلاوطن
Deported Jalaa-watan جلاوطن
Clag Jamna جمنا
Bold Face Bara tap بڑا ئپ
Parisianize Paris banana پیرس بنانا
In Show Bzahir بظاہر
Engrains Gehra rang charhana ya dena گہرا رنگ چڑھانا یا دینا
Bursting Charge Dhamaka khaiz mawaad ko phaarna دھماکا خیز مواد کو پھاڑنا
Spirituals Muqaddas مقدس
Where Kahan کہاں
Socialised Ishtiraaki banana اشتراکی بنانا
Debugged Azaala karna ازالہ کرنا
Tunefully Khush ahangi se خُوش آہَنگی سے
Floor Board Kisi motor waghera ka farsh کسی موٹر وغيرہ کا فرش
Overdue Takheer say تاخیر سے
Slackly Susti say سستی سے
Api Shehed ki makhi شہد کی مکھی
Unbleached Jo dho kar saaf nah kya gaya ho جو دھو کر صاف نہ کیا گیا ہو
Unbleached Jo dho kar saaf nah kya gaya ho جو دھو کر صاف نہ کیا گیا ہو
Tunes Sar سر
Flashover Kisi maya ya thos hajaz ki satah mein se ya is ke grd muzir barqi ikhraj کِسی مائع یا ٹھوس حاجز کی سطح میں سے یا اس کے گِرد مُضر برقی اخراج
Synonym Mutradif مترادف
Goggle Taktaki ٹکٹکی
Goggle Aanak عینک
Naughty Sharaarti شرارتی
Dingoes Dengu ڈنگو
Benzedrine Aik dawa ka tijarti naam jo dimagh ke balai marakaz mein tehreek peda karti hai ایک دوا کا تِجارتی نام جو دِماغ کے بالائی مراکز میں تحریک پیدا کرتی ہے
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A dictionary is one of the most useful tools you can have while studying at university or communicating in your professional life. By ensuring that you use words correctly, a good dictionary can help you better understand your subject, improve your communication, and improve your lingual skills.

Since Pakistan’s national language is Urdu many people find learning English a difficult task. However, using the Urdu to English dictionary this problem can be resolved anyhow. So here we have brought English to Urdu online dictionary that can assist the visitor in learning and understanding the English and Urdu language in a better way as here you can translate English words in Urdu.

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The benefit of language is that it makes communication with people from any province or region of the country easy and direct. Now anyone can easily translate from English to Urdu by using this amazing dictionary. Visitors can learn both English and the translation of Urdu. Speaking with tourists who only speak and comprehend English would also be possible with the help of the online dictionary. With only one click, you can translate words, sentences, and phrases using our unrivaled English to Urdu dictionary tool. The free multi-lingual dictionary is much more exclusive as it provides Urdu Keyboard, which also improves the user experience. It is a trusted source for word meanings, definitions, pronunciations, and translations, with billions of words to aid communication.

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