Grow your Vocabulary with English to Urdu Dictionary and Urdu to English Dictionary. Translate English To Urdu - The world is now became a global village and it is great for a person to be multi-lingual. There is a dire need of people in the modern world who can easily communicate in several languages. The learning of any new language requires a great effort or hard work. However, for this purpose, dictionaries play a crucial role as they provide meaning about all key words of any language. On the other a person feels easy to communicate in a language when his/her vocabulary is sufficient.

English Roman Urdu
Pain takleef تکلیف
Birth paydaaish پیدائش
Pinoles sattu ستو
Espier jasoos جاسوس
Slumping qeematon ka yak beh yak gir jana قیمتوں کا یک بہ یک گرجانا
Foraging rasad muhayya muhayya karna رسد مہیا مہیا کرنا
Civil Defense Soul Defence سول ڈیفنس
Staffs daftari amlah دفتری عملہ
Parodist Zarafat Nigar ظرافت نگار
Intensive Mehdood Magar Zoordar محدود مگر زوردار
Outriders sawari mein aagay nikal janay wala سواری میں آگے نکل جانے والا
Hit zarb lagana ضرب لگانا
Esotropia dron rukhi درون رخی
Bugging khatmal کھٹمل
Concocted dimagh mein gharna دماغ میں گَھڑنا
Medicolegal tibbi qanoon طبی قانون
Face The Music Apni Ghalti Ka Khmyazh Bhughtna اپنی غلطی کا خمیازہ بھگتنا
Trees darakht درخت
Liver jigar جگر
Sold baicha howa بیچا ہوا
Conveyancer Naqal Nawees نقل نویس
Lurked ghaat lagana گھات لگانا
Stuffed bharpoor بھرپور
Bookmaker Ghor dhor ka shart baz گھوڑ دوڑ کا شرط باز
Dawnings tulu s?bh طلوع صُبح
Remelt dobarah pighlana دوبارہ پگھلانا
Tracker Khoji کھوجی
Tracker Kashti kanch na wala کشتی کھنیچنے والا
Unimpeded Bay Rok بے روک
Putative Qayasi قیاسی




No one can undermine the significance of bilingual dictionaries such as English to Urdu Dictionary or Urdu To English Dictionary. In earlier days, people used different signs and symbols to convey their message. As time progresses, they developed different languages for communication purposes. Now, according to some reports, there are around 6,500 languages spoken all across the globe.

Translate English to Urdu

When talk about the main global language, no one can take a spot that the English language possesses. In several countries of the world (including Pakistan), English is regarded as the official language. However, in Pakistan, the majority of people have no or basic command of the English language that further signifies the use of bilingual dictionaries. Hamariweb understands this point and is offering both English to Urdu dictionary and Urdu to English dictionary for your convenience.

Urdu to English Dictionary

Urdu is the official and main language of Pakistan. The beauty of this language is that a person from any province or region of the country can easily speak in this language and can convey his/her message. In addition to it, Urdu is also regarded among the top languages in the world and has a large number of speakers all around the world.

By utilizing the Hamariweb online Urdu To English dictionary you can easily find the meaning of any Urdu word or sentence in the English language. This dictionary is a great tool for people who want to increase their vocabulary and grip on the English language. Students who are facing difficulty in the translation can also utilize this huge Urdu to English dictionary.

The advent of the internet just changed the landscape of the modern world. A few years back, people often buy different dictionaries. The process of searching a word also takes time as you have to go page after page to search for the meaning of the desired word. Now, the trend is changed and people prefer online dictionaries.

Hamariweb online English to Urdu dictionary made it simple to search any word and its meaning. Just type the word in the search bar and you will get its meaning along with its synonyms, antonyms, origin, and pronunciation. The best part is that you can also search for words and meanings by clicking on the respective English alphabets.


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