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English to Urdu dictionary and translation help you to increase your daily English and Urdu vocabulary. Find all easy and difficult word with their accurate meaning, translation and helping sentences. Also get similar words and synonyms with multi-lingual and English to Urdu dictionary. You can view new top trending words with their meanings and translation, words including Arsenic, Peachy, Peachy , Blistering and Permutated.

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Arsenic Zahrila murakab bana na ka kam aata ha زہريلے مُرَکبات بنانے کے کام آتا ہے
Peachy Shaftaloon ki tarha شفتالوں کی طرح
Peachy Aadu jaisi shakal ka آڑو جیسی شکل کا
Blistering Abla agaiz آبلہ انگيز
Permutated Tarteeb badalna ترتیب بدلنا
Biological Survey Hayatiati jaiza حیاتیاتی جائزہ
Maritime Saahili ساحلی
Standards Meyaar معیار
Nookie Mubashrat مُباشرت
Toxic people Zahreeley log زہریلے لوگ
Spayed Madah ko khassi karna مادہ کو خصی کرنا
Make In Mudakhlat karna مداخلت کرنابیچ بچاوٴکرنابیچ میں پڑنا
News Khabarain خبریں
Blushfully Sharam ke sath شرم کے ساتھ
Statistician Adaad o shumaar ka maahir اعداد و شمار کا ماہر
Puncture Sorakh karna سوراخ کرنا
Supplest Naram نرم
Bona Fides Hussan niyat حسن نیت
Wringer Marornay wala مروڑنے والا
Bodyguard Muhaafiz محافظ
Starts Uthna اٹھنا
Sorbitol Aik meetha qalmi alchohal madah jo baaz phalon mein paaya jata hai aur ghizai sanat mein aik jazo ke tor par istemaal hota hai ایک میٹھا قلمی الکحل مادّہ جو بعض پھلوں میں پایا جاتا ہے اور غذائی صنعت میں ایک جزو کے طور پر استعمال ہوتا ہے
Freak Pur josh پرجوش
Stay with me for a while Thori der ke liye mere sath raho تھوڑی دیر كے لیے میرے ساتھ رہو
Dyeing Aakhri waqt ka آخری وقت کا
I dont think so Mujhe aisa nahin lagata مجھے ایسا نہیں لگاتا
Sovereignly Ba-tareeq shahana بطریق شاہانہ
Spangles Sitara ستارہ
Ins ans انس
Soups Yakhni یخنی
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A dictionary is one of the most useful tools you can have while studying at university or communicating in your professional life. By ensuring that you use words correctly, a good dictionary can help you better understand your subject, improve your communication, and improve your lingual skills.

Since Pakistan’s national language is Urdu many people find learning English a difficult task. However, using the Urdu to English dictionary this problem can be resolved anyhow. So here we have brought English to Urdu online dictionary that can assist the visitor in learning and understanding the English and Urdu language in a better way as here you can translate English words in Urdu.

English to Urdu Online Dictionary and Translation

The benefit of language is that it makes communication with people from any province or region of the country easy and direct. Now anyone can easily translate from English to Urdu by using this amazing dictionary. Visitors can learn both English and the translation of Urdu. Speaking with tourists who only speak and comprehend English would also be possible with the help of the online dictionary. With only one click, you can translate words, sentences, and phrases using our unrivaled English to Urdu dictionary tool. The free multi-lingual dictionary is much more exclusive as it provides Urdu Keyboard, which also improves the user experience. It is a trusted source for word meanings, definitions, pronunciations, and translations, with billions of words to aid communication.

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