As It Is Meaning

Example: Used other than as an idiom: see as,‎ it,‎ is.
In the actual circumstances (and often contrary to expectations).
2004 Fall, Kit Coyne Irwin, “Blind Spot”, The Kenyon Review, volume 26, number 4, page 108:
  The roosters would look awesome, their beaks fearsome weapons. A frightening thought. As it is, each rooster needed to be tethered to his own hut to keep them from pecking each other's eyes out.
2008, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, A dangerous climate:
  Had you not been wearing such a fine boot, your leg probably would have broken. As it is, the bruise is a deep one.
2011 March 14, “Search And Rescue Continues In Japan Disaster”, Talk of the Nation:
  As it is, Tokyo is relatively unaffected.
2010, David Zimmerman, The Sandbox:
  Right now it is too dangerous to obsess about such things. It will only make life harder, and life is hard enough as it is.