Bang To Rights Meaning

(Britain, idiomatic) Red-handed.

Example: 2004, Brian S. McWilliams, Spam Kings, O’Reilly Media (2005), ISBN 978-0-596-00732-4, page 69:
  Once, after a spammer trolled Nanae, accusing antis of having no life, Mad Pierre sarcastically responded that the spammer was correct. ¶ “Damn, you’ve got us bang to rights. We have no lives. None. At all.”
2007, Neil Pearson, Obelisk: A History of Jack Kahane and the Obelisk Press, page 479:
  Tyler tries to dismiss Vidal's characterization of him as a pseudo-intellectual buffoon, but succeeds only in demonstrating that Vidal had him bang to rights.
2008, James Buchan, The gate of air:
  He wished he were in London, where a girl in a minicab would set him bang to rights.