Blow Up Someone's Phone Meaning

(idiomatic) To call or text someone constantly.

Example: 2009, RM Johnson, Why Men Fear Marriage: The Surprising Truth Behind Why So Many Men Can't Commit, ISBN 143916360X:
  Don't let them sabotage a possible good thing by blowing up your phone while you're in the middle of a hot date with nonsense like, “Jason keeps asking for a Popsicle before bed. Do you think it's okay that I give him one?”
2011, Jaime Reed, Living Violet, ISBN 0758277733, page 67:
  Dad sure knew how to kill a mood. He had blown up my phone all day, ensuring that I didn't back out of our agreement.
2012, Chris Hicks, Ebony Chronicles of Elevation, Volume 1, ISBN 098334616X, page 181:
  Not knowing the whereabouts of his daughter, Tavon blew up her phone without once getting a response.
2013, Michelle McKinney Hammond, The Real Deal on Love and Men: Getting Smart About Dating, Romance, and Living Happily Ever After, ISBN 0736949593:
  He has never officially said that we are in a relationship, but he blows up my phone night and day, always wanting to know where I am.
2014 September 11, Alexis Petridis quoting Kelly Brook, “A freedom fighter for our time: Kelly Brook will not be silenced over Danny Cipriani”[1], The Guardian:
  â€œDanny Cipriani is blowing up my phone saying: ‘I’m going to sue you’,” she said, shortly before announcing her willingness to go to prison over the issue.