Bum Chum Meaning

(idiomatic, derogatory) A male’s homosexual partner.

Example: 1989, Joseph Mills, Towards the End, Polygon, ISBN 0748660313, page 120,
  â€˜That’s his pal,’ Beeny said to Doreen. ¶ ‘Bum-chum more like,’ John added.
2004, Phil Ferguson, Discontent, M-Y Books, ISBN 1-904986-00-5, page 83,
  He was too busy playing the big, important businessman to care about anyone but himself, preferring the company of his bum chum, Pete, to me.
2005, S.J. Smith, Joe Public, Virtualbookworm Publishing, ISBN 1589397681, page 100,
  â€˜Gaylord!’ ¶ ‘Bum-chum!’ ¶ ‘Chutney Ferret!’