By All Accounts Meaning

(idiomatic) According to everything that people have said.

Example: 1881, Francis Beaufort Palmer, Company precedents, for use in relation to companies subject to the Companies acts 1862 to 1880. With copious notes., page 512:
  […] and also by all accounts of the surplus which shall from time to time be settled between the new company and the liquidators of the old company […]
1878, Charles Dickens, All Year Round, page 161:
  The reputation of the elder Baron, although by all accounts justly merited, was destined to be completely thrown into the shade by that of his son […]
1887, William Carleton, Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry, page 302:
  […] that they say, by all accounts, it costs him great trouble to make, by rason that he must fast a long time, and pray by the day, afore he gets himself […]
2007, Marcus Clarke, For the Term of His Natural Life, ISBN 1406846120, page 272:
  I sent the particulars to the ship-builder, and by all accounts the news killed him, for he died not long after.