Candle In The Wind Meaning

(idiomatic) A fragile or vulnerable thing, likely to be put in jeopardy.

Example: 1990, Muthiah Alagappa, Institute of Strategic and International Studies (Malaysia), Building confidence, resolving conflicts: proceedings of the Second Asia-Pacific Roundtable, Kuala Lumpur, July 1-4, 1988, Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia, p. 14:
  The South Koreans have indeed accomplished an economic miracle in the past three decades but their economy is 'a candle in the wind' ...
1999, Royal African Society, African affairs, Volume 98, Published for the Royal African Society by the Oxford University Press, p. 114:
  ... tyranny in Cameroon today is a candle in the wind. Its days, it is hoped, are numbered ...
2004, K.D. Gangrade, Moral Lessons From Gandhi S Autobiography And Other Essays, Concept Publishing Company, p. 178:
  There are a good number of people who feel that the girl child's life in India is a 'candle' in the wind which flickers for a moment to be extinguished for ever.
2007, Pacific indigenous dialogue: on faith, peace, reconciliation and good governance, Alafua Campus,Continuing and Community Education Programme, University of the South Pacific, p. 192:
  Sometimes around here, it seems like hope is a candle in the wind.
2010, Phillip Dibble, The Fundamental Things, AuthorHouse, p. 91:
  Ethiopia is a candle in the wind, the winds of war and fate...