carry the can

(Britain, Canada, idiomatic) To take responsibility, especially in a challenging situation.

Example: 1998 April 25, Arati R. Jerath, "18 partners hunt for one voice," Indian Express (Bombay) (retrieved 21 Oct 2008):
  For Vajpayee, who is keen that he alone does not carry the can for his unwieldy alliance, it is a tough decision.
2008 Oct. 16, Adrian Hamilton, "Comment: I wouldn't get too carried away by success if I were Brown," The Independent (UK) (retrieved 21 Oct 2008):
  You could reasonably argue that Brown himself should carry the can for much of the regulatory failure of the banks.
2015 June 17, Rick Bell, "Alberta NDP government chooses not to kick province's oil industry when it's down ," Calgary Sun (Canada) (retrieved 25 Sep 2015):
  They're not going to play the patsy where they carry the can for all the woes caused by a tanking in oil prices that's already happened.