Cat Meaning in Hindi (बिल्ली)

Cat meaning in Hindi is Billi (बिल्ली) - Synonyms and related Cat meaning is Cast, Caterpillar, Chuck and Disgorge and Guy. Check out Cat similar words like Catch fire, Catastrophic and Catherine Wheel Hindu Translation is Billi बिल्ली.

Cat Meaning
Billi बिल्ली
Cat Sentence
  1. Some people cut off their journey if a cat crosses their way
  2. The cat drank the milk that was on the table
  3. When the cat is away , the mice will play
Cat Definition & Meaning In English
  1. (n.) A double tripod (for holding a plate, etc.), having six feet, of which three rest on the ground, in whatever position in is placed.
  2. (n.) An old game; (a) The game of tipcat and the implement with which it is played. See Tipcat. (c) A game of ball, called, according to the number of batters, one old cat, two old cat, etc.
  3. (n.) A cat o nine tails. See below.
  4. (n.) An animal of various species of the genera Felis and Lynx. The domestic cat is Felis domestica. The European wild cat (Felis catus) is much larger than the domestic cat. In the United States the name wild cat is commonly applied to the bay lynx (Lynx rufus) See Wild cat, and Tiger cat.
  5. (n.) A strong vessel with a narrow stern, projecting quarters, and deep waist. It is employed in the coal and timber trade.
  6. (v. t.) To bring to the cathead; as, to cat an anchor. See Anchor.
  7. (n.) A strong tackle used to draw an anchor up to the cathead of a ship.
  1. (n.) Any violent catastrophe, involving sudden and extensive changes of the earths surface.
  2. (n.) An extensive overflow or sweeping flood of water; a deluge.
  1. (n.) One of the Catarrhina, a division of Quadrumana, including the Old World monkeys and apes which have the nostrils close together and turned downward. See Monkey.
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Cat Meaning in Hindi

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