Comedy Of Errors Meaning

(idiomatic) A set of amusing or farcical events involving a series of awkward missteps or other mistakes.

Example: 1884, Grant Allen, Philistia, ch. 37:
  "[I]t's the poor Le Bretons who have brought us two thus together. And yet, they were both once our dearest rivals. You were in love with Edie Le Breton: I was half in love with Ernest Le Breton: and now—why, now, Arthur, I do believe we're both utterly in love with one another. What a curious little comedy of errors!"
1914, Ralph Henry Barbour, Left End Edwards, ch. 13:
  [T]hose who had remained so long began to view the game as what it really was, a comedy of errors, and got lots of fun out of it.
1965 June 3, Eliot Fremont-Smith, "A Way Back to Life" (book review of August is a Wicked Month by Edna O'Brien), New York Times (retrieved 28 July 2013):
  What follows is a painful comedy of errors. Almost from her arrival she is pursued by a bellhop who interprets her every rebuff as a coy invitation.
2005 Feb. 11, "Bride and Prejudice" (film review), (retrieved 28 July 2013):
  Though Lalita and Darcy's budding romance nearly falls prey to assumptions, back-biting gossip, and various coincidences and comedies of errors, pride and prejudice are both overcome so that love may conquer all in the end.