Control Meaning in Hindi (संयम)

Control meaning in Hindi is Sanyam (संयम) - Synonyms and related Control meaning is Ascendance, Ascendancy, Ascendency and Ascertain and Assure. Check out Control similar words like Controllable, Controller and Controlling Hindu Translation is Sanyam संयम.

Control Meaning
Sanyam संयम
Niyantran नियंत्रण
Sanchaalan संचालन
Control Sentence
  1. It is beyond my control
  2. But reason cannot control all of these matters
  3. The control of the recogniced caliph of islam
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Control Definition & Meaning In English
  1. (n.) Power or authority to check or restrain; restraining or regulating influence; superintendence; government; as, children should be under parental control.
  2. (n.) That which serves to check, restrain, or hinder; restraint.
  3. (n.) A duplicate book, register, or account, kept to correct or check another account or register; a counter register.
  4. (v. t.) To exercise restraining or governing influence over; to check; to counteract; to restrain; to regulate; to govern; to overpower.
  5. (v. t.) To check by a counter register or duplicate account; to prove by counter statements; to confute.
  6. (n.) Any of the physical factors determining the climate of any particular place, as latitude,distribution of land and water, altitude, exposure, prevailing winds, permanent high- or low-barometric-pressure areas, ocean currents, mountain barriers, soil, and vegetation.
  7. (n.) The complete apparatus used to control a mechanism or machine in operation, as a flying machine in flight;
  8. (n.) the mechanism controlling the rudders and ailerons.
  1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Control
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Control Meaning in Hindi

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