Cop On Meaning

(Ireland, informal, idiomatic) Common sense.

Example:   That idiot has no cop on.
2008, Joseph Dolan, "Hazards caused by pedestrians" (letter to the editor), Irish Independent, 22 November 2008:
  While she is right that some cyclists do cycle in a dangerous manner, pedestrians need to have some "cop on" as well.
2011, "Broadside at Croke Park", The Meath Chronicle, 11 May 2011:
  Fixtures' secretary Jimmy Henry refuted the comments. "I wouldn't have got this job if I hadn't some cop on," he said.
2012, Martina Nee, "Student with no ‘cop on’ fined for using his scientific brilliance for cannabis growing", Galway Advertiser, 29 March 2012:
  Molloy’s solicitor said that there was a[sic] element of naivety here in that his client, who is “quite brilliant” in his studies in physics, has “no cop on” and took a “scientist’s approach” to growing cannabis.