Culpable Homicide Meaning

Example: Used other than as an idiom: see culpable,‎ homicide.
2002, Les Vandor, Legal Counsel: Criminal Law - Frequently Asked Questions (ISBN 1550225537), page 28:
  a. Culpable homicide is called murder when you mean to cause someone to die.
2011, Krishan Vij, Textbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (ISBN 8131226840), page 205:
  Culpable homicide is not murder if the offender, while deprived of the power of self-control by grave and sudden provocation, causes the death of the person who gave the provocation […]
2011, Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning for the CLAT and LLB Examinations (ISBN 8131755207), page 31:
  Section 300 defines murder, which is also a culpable homicide with some special characteristics, […]
Homicide which is culpable but does not rise to the level of murder; unlawful killing of a human being which does not constitute murder.
1868, Digest of Cases Decided in the Supreme Courts of Scotland, from 1800 to 1868, page 454:
  A charge of culpable homicide found relevant against both a shopkeeper and his servant, in respect that the former had culpably entrusted his servant with the charge of drugs which were sold in the shop, and the latter had culpably dispensed to a customer such an excessive dose of tartar emetic as to cause death. Henderson (High Court), 13 June 1842; 1 Broun 360.
1895, The Indian Penal Code: With Commentary, by W. R. Hamilton, section 200, page 313:
  But it may amount to culpable homicide to cause the death of a living child, if any part of that child has been brought forth, though the child may not have breathed or been completely born.
1994, Lee Peng Kok, Mental Disorders and the Law (ISBN 9971691884), page 156:
  The distinction between murder and culpable homicide not amounting to murder is fine but appreciable.