Do Well By Doing Good Meaning

(idiomatic) To achieve social acceptance or financial success as a result of behaving in a benevolent or charitable manner.

Example: 1960, Albert D. Van Nostrand, The Denatured Novel, Vol. 3, Bobbs-Merrill, p. 170:
  The sanctioning doctrine of Good Works has been at hand every since Benjamin Franklin canonized the Arminian Heresy. So Cash McCall, like his patron saint, does well by doing good.
1988, John Greenwald at al., "Japan From Superrich To Superpower," Time, 4 July:
  Of course, like most aid donors, Japan does well by doing good.
2006, Matthew Bishop, "View from Davos: Bono marketing his red badge of virtue,", 27 Jan (retrieved 21 Jan 2010):
  He wants companies selling Red products to make a profit by helping the poor—doing well by doing good.