Dodge A Bullet Meaning

(idiomatic) To have a narrow escape; to avoid injury, disaster, or some other undesirable situation.

Example: 1989 Dec. 7, Milt Freudenheim, "Scramble on Health-Care Costs," New York Times (retrieved 6 March 2014):
  "We have all these thousands of bill payers trying to dodge a bullet, trying to shift costs and pay less."
2010 Nov. 8, Jessica Desvarieux, "A Storm Averted, Haiti's Cholera Threat Grows," Time (retrieved 6 March 2014):
  Haiti dodged a bullet when Tropical Storm Tomas, once a hurricane, did minimal damage to the country's earthquake-ravaged capital of Port-au-Prince.
2013 Oct. 4, Tony Nitti, "Switching Gears," Forbes (retrieved 6 March 2014):
  By finding and fixing my aneurysm before it ruptured, I had miraculously dodged a bullet.