Drug Deal Meaning

Example: Used other than as an idiom: see drug,‎ deal.
1902 March 1, American druggist and pharmaceutical record, volume 40-41, page 152:
  A new drug deal of mammoth proportions which has excited the liveliest amount of interest in the wholesale and retail trade in Cincinnati, and throughout the State, has just been consummated.
1985, Jack Doyle, Altered harvest: agriculture, genetics, and the fate of the ...:
  Agrichemical interests, not part of the drug deal, were advised to pursue their own bill,
2001, West Africa, number 4258-4273:
  Several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have denounced the lack of transparency in a multinational HTV/AIDS drug deal for developing countries.
2005, John English, Ramesh Chandra Thakur, Andrew Fenton Cooper, Reforming from the Top: A Leaders’ 20 Summit, page 36:
  There is little downside to the drug deal – the losses involved are profits from potential future sales of patented drugs.
2005, Alexander Kirsch, Securitization of Intellectual Property as a Funding Alternative, page 53:
  After 2004 two deals were brought to market, 2005 has welcomed its first drug deal already in January.
2005, P. K. Vasudeva, World Trade Organization: implications for Indian economy:
  The drug deal reached among the countries appeared to be a temporary relief to the developing countries.
2007, Jonas E. Alexis, In the Name of Education, page 84:
  Drug companies are even giving doctors "free gists, free meals, free education, special deals" in order for those doctors to accept their drug deal.
2008, Mark Baldassare, Cheryl Katz, The Coming Age of Direct Democracy: California's Recall and Beyond, page 201:
  The two sides also agreed on a prescription drug deal with sanctions on pharmaceutical companies that failed to provide discounts for low-income Californians.
An illegal business transaction where cash or something else of value is exchanged for illegal drugs, usually conducted in a clandestine manner.