Ethnic Music Meaning

(music, US) The classic body of recordings of Central and Eastern European immigrants to the United States from the early to mid-20th century, and music in that style.

Example: Used other than as an idiom: see ethnic,‎ music.
(Music in a style characteristic of foreign-born people.): As an American, I enjoy listening to American music like jazz and country, but I don't like ethnic music.
(Any kind of traditional or folk music.): Popular and classical music are so stuffy, I prefer listening to the rootsy sounds of ethnic music.
(Music in a distinct style associated with an ethnicity.): Hungarians produce a lot of good rock and hip hop music, but it's their ethnic music that I find especially interesting.
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  By 1920 Columbia and Victor had issued around 21,000 copies of ethnic music each.
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  This period marked the beginning of a wonderful, if short-lived, era for ethnic music.
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  Welk is much better known for his immensely successful programs over television, which began in the early 50s after the era of "ethnic music" acceptance