Feel One's Oats Meaning

(idiomatic) To feel important; to be empowered.

Example: 1853, Herman Melville, "Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street,"
  In fact, precisely as a rash, restive horse is said to feel his oats, so Turkey felt his coat.
2006, Candace Rondeaux, "Forming Families, One Adoption at a Time," Washington Post, 16 Nov. (retrieved 5 Nov. 2008),
  "It's a tough road because kids at that time are developmentally feeling their oats," Beverage said.
1906, Andy Adams, "The Double Trail" in Cattle Brands,
  The old man feeling his oats, as he leaned with his back against the bar, said to us with a noticeable degree of pride, "Lads, I'm proud of every one of you. Men who will fight to protect my interests has my purse at their command."
2004, Michelle Grattan, "Change ahead in Senate's new dawn," The Age (Australia), 29 Oct. (retrieved 5 Nov. 2008),
  The Nationals gave the Coalition its Senate majority and yesterday were feeling their oats.