Freak Flag Meaning

(idiomatic) Unconventional or unrestrained behavior; extreme, nonconformist views; the side of one's personality which harbors a tendency toward such behavior or such views.

Example: 1988 Feb. 21, Sarah Peasley, "Swinging Singing," Washington Post:
  "We were just blatantly flaunting our freak flag," she says. "We were trying to be badder than anyone else—and we were getting away with it!"
2000 May 21, James Poniewozik, "Books: Sex, Drugs and Subatomic Particles," New York Times:
  Tom Robbins, whose cosmic-absurdist, stoner-philosophical novels have moved undergraduates to scrawl So true!!! in the margins for decades, has again deputized himself to carry the freak flag of irreverence and fleshly indulgence.
2007 Jun. 10, Jason Sobel, "On the Hot Seat: Rory Sabbatini," (retrieved 26 Aug. 2008):
  Q: You've got that "Don't mess with Texas" attitude down, don't you?
  A: If you ever watched "The Family Stone," it says, "Everyone has a freak flag, so fly your freak flag proudly." So that's kind of the way I am.