From Central Casting Meaning

(idiomatic) Conforming to the stereotypical image of a particular type of person or group.

Example: 2002, Fay Vincent, The Last Commissioner: A Baseball Valentine, Simon & Schuster (2002), ISBN 0743244524, page 70:
  He was not the pompous university president from central casting, always pontificating; he was more like a charming professor who walked around his campus wearing the navy blue cap of his beloved Boston Red Sox and who just happened to be university president.
2009, John Lloyd & John Mitchinson, The Book of the Dead: Lives of the Justly Famous and the Undeservedly Obscure, Crown Publishers (2009), ISBN 9780307716415, unnumbered page:
  Luckily for Giacomo, he had Marzia, an Italian grandmother straight from central casting.
2014 April 1, Roger Cohen, “The case for Scotland”, International New York Times, page 9:
  The fact that David Cameron, the conservative prime minister, is a plummy-voiced, Eton-educated, upper-class Brit from central casting has played into [Alex] Salmond's hands.