Get A Charge Out Of Meaning

(idiomatic) To derive excitement, entertainment, or pleasure from.

Example: 1969, Juliette Lemercier and Justine Lemercier, The Turkish Bath, ISBN 9781608720903, p. 108:
  Anyway, I used to get a charge out of the writing on the walls in the John.
1989 Oct. 2, "Yachting: Courting the America's Cup," Time:
  Even landlubbers who find yacht racing about as exciting as watching grass grow might get a charge out of the litigious storm swirling around the America's Cup.
2009 Jan. 2, Alina Tugend, "Coping Skills and Horrible Imaginings ," New York Times (retrieved 27 Nov 2011):
  There are gamblers who get a charge out of playing the odds and thrive off risk.