Go Narrow Meaning

(photography) To use a narrow-angle lens to take one or more photographs.

Example: Used other than as an idiom: see go,‎ narrow.
To focus on one thing, person, topic or aspect of a situation.
2010. Granularity. Patrick Viguerie, ‎Sven Smit, ‎Mehrdad Baghai.
  It's interesting to note that as you “go narrow“ along one of these dimensions
2013. The Mixing Engineer's Handbook. Bobby Owsinsky
  I used to be impressed by a drummer liking what I did, so I pretty much only got a drum perspective, but I've gone wide and I've gone narrow.
(of a price) To change infrequently.
Hedging Commodities: A practical guide to hedging strategies with futures ... Slobodan Jovanovic. Pg. 92
  The change between futures and spot prices will either go wide -- expand or diminish -- go narrow
2013, The Vision. David Noton.
  Going wide to fit it all in will emphasize the foreground at the expense of the background; going narrow with a long lens will preclude the coloured 'jobbies' clinging to the cliff top that I'm trying not to tread on.