Good Value Meaning

(Britain, Australia, idiomatic, slang) Funny; witty.

Example: Used other than as an idiom: see good,‎ value.
1910, Iowa Department of Agriculture, The Iowa Year Book of Agriculture, Volume 10, page 475,
  It is no matter how high-priced a sheep is, just so he is a good value.
1960, The Illustrated London News, Volume 237, Issue 1, page 202,
  Moreover, today we meet Bridie in theatre far too seldom : he is a better value, and more likely to live in record, than the modish mayflies of our stage.
1973, The Autocar, Volume 138, page 11,
  She is a good value at £594 in standard form, but a suitable 40 hp engine and a trailer would raise the total price to well over £1000 (Microplas Ltd., Homewood Road, Mitcham, Surrey).
1983, The Month, Issues 1384-1395, page 66,
  Audiences fill theatres where his work is staged. He is a good value. He never fails, which is not to say he always succeeds.
2007, Richard Ford, The Lay of the Land, page 95,
  He is a good value—earnest, sympathetic, solid to the bone and not overcomplicated—just the way you′d hope your undertaker would be.
2003 David Philip Reiter, Interactive Publications, Liars and Lovers, page 79,
  â€˜Not anymore,’ she said, quickly ‘But he′s worth his weight in gold at a party. He always has something to say, and most of the time it′s interesting. That reflects well on me for inviting him.’
  â€˜He is a good value.’
2010, Gyles Brandreth, Something Sensational to Read in the Train: The Diary of a Lifetime, unnumbered page,
  Friday, 17 July 1981
  Yesterday: morning with Germaine Greer – she is a good value, stimulating company and completely ridiculous: for the original feminist she is hilariously man-mad.