Goose Is Cooked Meaning

(idiomatic) All hope is gone; there is no possibility of success; the period of good fortune is over.

Example:   If he doesn't win the next round, then his goose is cooked.
1969, Bernard Moitessier, Inge Moore (translator), Cape Horn: The Logical Route, [1967, Cap Horn à la Voile], page 49,
  On our wedding day, a friend said to me sadly:
  'Poor old Bernard, now your goose is cooked. Women are like cats, they like walls...'
2004, Tom Morrisey, Deep Blue, page 27,
  "I think that she was so concerned that she was afraid to even mention it in her own journals," Jennifer told him. “In fact, she doesn't bring it up again until it's pretty clear that the South's goose is cooked.”
2001, Kenneth S. Deffeyes, Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage, page 48,
  I thought that Texaco made a pretty good reply, but one of the federal lawyers gave me her take: “When you have to withdraw the evidence on which your expert based his opinion, your goose is cooked.”