Have It Going On Meaning

(idiomatic, chiefly African American Vernacular) To be attractive or socially successful or have an aura of success.

Example: To instigate, observe, or allow an event to continue.
1905, Canadian House of Commons, “Debates: official report”, page 1994:
  We might just as well take our stand upon it and fight it out now on both sides of the House as to have it going on and being a perennial sore from year to...
1907, United Kingdom House of Commons, “Parliamentary papers”, page 249:
  They have it going on partially, but then it is a day shift of men that works up to 5 and 6 o'clock.
2000, Cheatie Holeman, The Girl's Got It Going on, page 123:
  The brother did have it going on though. He was 6'4", a copper-tone tan, not too black and not too light, a military career, and was looking for a job...
2006, Carol Ann Culbert Johnson, I Confess 2, page 30:
  "... I see you on a runway with the petite models, and you have it going on, and then some.” I smiled at his words.