Hell And Half Of Georgia Meaning

(idiomatic, US) a very large region; everywhere

Example: 1946, Constance Noyes Robertson, The Unterrified, H. Holt and Co., page 426:
  Seems to me I been on foot all over hell and half of Georgia, since this ruckus began.
2001, Sallie Bissell, In the Forest of Harm, page 262:
  Idiot, she scolded herself. You've tracked Alex through hell and half of Georgia, only to fall in a stupid well!
2006, Ted G. Arthurs, Land with No Sun: A Year in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne, page 23:
  The hitch is that the ship is so powerful—it must be, to do the things for which it has been designed—that its twin rotors blast away Hell and half of Georgia with the turbulence it causes on landing or taking off.