Homeless Dumping Meaning

(idiomatic) The practice of hospital employees or emergency workers releasing homeless patients on the streets instead of placing them into the custody of a relative or shelter or retaining them in a hospital where they may require expensive medical care.

Example: 2007. Police probe alleged L.A. homeless dumping. MSNBC via Associated Press, February 9, 2007, Los Angeles [1]:
  A hospital van dropped off a homeless paraplegic man on Skid Row and left him crawling in the street with nothing more than a soiled gown and a broken colostomy bag.... Police said the incident was a case of "homeless dumping" and were questioning officials from the hospital.
2006. L.A. Police Allege Homeless Dumping, Associated Press, October 25, 2006, Los Angeles:
  Authorities have launched a criminal investigation into suspected dumping of homeless people on Skid Row after police witnessed ambulances leaving five people on a street there during the weekend.