Ice Queen Meaning

(informal, sports) A female ice-skating champion.

Example: 1986 Oct. 5, Stephen Holden, "Drama: 'Narnia' A Children's Musical," New York Times (retrieved 2 Jan 2014):
  Miss O'Neil's duplicitous power-mad ice queen epitomizes cruel hauteur with a streak of lethal saccharine—she is a nightmare stepmother.
2007 May 3, Marcus Mabry, "Why Condi Is Talking to the Enemy," Newsweek (retrieved 2 Jan 2014):
  Rice has never been the robot she plays on national television. She built the image the public has of her as an ice queen stuck on repeat. It’s the downside of her extreme loyalty to Bush.
1993 Nov. 24, Jere Longman, "Olympics: 80 Days to Lillehammer," New York Times (retrieved 2 Jan 2014):
  This time, she was beaten by 16-year-old Tanja Szewczenko, who is threatening to usurp the two-time Olympic champion, Katarina Witt, as Germany's ice queen.
2013 Nov. 4, Narae Kim "Ice Queen Yuna returns with a Golden Spin," Reuters Canada (retrieved 2 Jan 2014):
  Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yuna will make her return to competition at the Golden Spin event in Zagreb next month.