In Bad Odor Meaning

(idiomatic, often followed by with) Regarded with disapproval; in a situation of being disliked; shunned.

Example: 1877, Frances Hodgson Burnett, "Surly Tim":
  So in conversing with men, women, and children, I gradually found out that Tim Hibblethwaite was in bad odor, and that he held himself doggedly aloof from all.
1898, Julian Hawthorne, The History of the United States, ch. 7:
  New Hampshire was in bad odor with the English government; but the farmers could endure that with equanimity.
1900, Fergus Hume, The Bishop's Secret, ch. 8:
  Mosk could not pay his rent and was already in bad odour with his landlord.
1993 May 8, Russell Baker, "Observer: What's in a Naming?," New York Times (retrieved 27 Sept 2013):
  For the political right, naturally eager to put the left in bad odor, the naming frenzy was a bonanza.
2002 July 22, Bill Saporito, "Wall Street's Verdict," Time (retrieved 27 Sept 2013):
  [T]he public looks at them as just a bunch of CEOs — a group in bad odor.