In Dutch Meaning

(idiomatic, dated) In trouble or in disfavor.

Example: 1923 July 27, "Hospital Puts Ban upon Bobbed Hair," The Day (USA), p. 9 (retrieved 29 Aug. 2011):
  Thirteen youthful nurses at the Worcester City Hospital enriched a local barber to the extent of $13 a few days ago when they had their hair bobbed and now the entire 13 are very much in dutch with the authorities at the hospital.
1939, Raymond Chandler, The Big Sleep, chapter 18:
  â€œAnd for that amount of money you're willing to get yourself in Dutch with half the law enforcement of this county?”
1988 April 14, Rena Pederson, "Police Turmoil Isn't News," Dallas Morning News (retrieved 29 Aug. 2011):
  He got in dutch with City Manager George Schrader when he made some ill-chosen remarks.
1994, "Don Juan DeMarco", 19:30:
  Don Juan: Well, think how you would feel if you were made to take off this mask that you are wearing.
  Jack Mickler: Oh, well, our masks really get us in dutch, don't they? How long you been wearing yours?