In The Biblical Sense Meaning

(euphemistic) Carnally; sexually.

Example: Used other than as an idiom: see biblical,‎ sense.
1993, Harold Miles, Bad ol' boy, page 122:
  I was married to you the moment I took you as my wife. That first night I pushed you backward on your bed and took you in the Biblical sense, from that moment on, we were man and wife.
1993 February 26, “NOTORIOUS WOMEN RECOVER FROM THEIR LOVE AFFAIRS”, Ind_Geraldo (Rivera):
  Unidentified Man 2: How you doing? I've got a question for Pamela. How many rock stars have you met in your whole life? Ms-DES-BARRES: Oh, my gosh. Man 2: Any idea? Any idea or... Ms-LEE: He didn't ask how many you slept with. Ms-DES-BARRES: That's good. RIVERA: You mean met in the biblical sense? Man 2: I mean met and been with. Ms-DES-BARRES: I didn't sleep with that many of them.
2012 March 23, Lanford Beard, “TV Jukebox: 'The Secret Circle,' 'The Voice,' 'Switched at Birth,' and more music-on-TV moments”[1], Entertainment Weekly:
  The young witches made their relationship official — in the Biblical sense — and Welch’s howling entreaty, “I’d do anything to make you stay,” expressed their yearning and desperation.
2012, Etienne, Trial, page 28:
  Well, I'm no longer seeing him in the biblical sense, but I do run him from time to time.