Kiss And Cry Meaning

(idiomatic, figure skating, sometimes hyphenated (especially when used attributively)) The publicly viewable enclosure in which figure skaters sit immediately after a performance, while they await and receive the judging results.

Example: 1994 Feb. 24, Mike Rowbottom, "Winter Olympics / Ice Skating," The Independent (UK) (retrieved 201 Feb 2014):
  Harding had seemed physically discomfited earlier as she awaited her marks in the kiss and cry corner.
2001 Oct. 23, Mark Starr, "Starr Gazing: Kwan's Big Breakup," Newsweek (retrieved 21 Feb 2014):
  The seating area where skaters wait for the judges' scores is called the "kiss and cry" for good reason.
2010 Feb. 21, Juliet Macur, "After Skating, a Unique Olympic Event: Crying," New York Times (retrieved 21 Feb 2014):
  With cameras in their faces, figure skaters awaiting their scores in the kiss-and-cry area offer a scene unlike any other.
2014 Feb. 8, "Canadian pairs finish second in free skate, but Russia leads by 6 in team event," Winnipeg Free Press (Canada) (retrieved 21 Feb 2014):
  The deafening crowd . . . chanted and stomped their feet when Stolbova and Klimov came on the ice and Canada's pairs skaters were still sitting in the kiss and cry waiting for their scores.