Kit And Caboodle Meaning

(US, Canada, Australia, idiomatic) Everything entirely, the whole lot.

Example: 1930, Kenneth Roberts, Arundel, 1995, page 153,
  â€œ […] There′ll be a kit and caboodle of our people waiting to set out."
1951, Holling Clancy Holling, Minn of the Mississippi, 1979, page 65,
  Aye, you could sell your kit and caboodle, and really see New Orleans!
1988, Susan DeMarco, Jim Hightower, A Populist Prescription for Prosperity, Mother Jones, page 56,
  To have an economy that is sound and that works for all the people, Reagan′s entire “trickle-down” kit and caboodle must be tossed out behind him and replaced with an aggressive program of growth that “percolates up” from the grass roots.