Know Someone In The Biblical Sense Meaning

(idiomatic) To have sex with someone.

Example: 1969, Ronald M. Meldrum, "Three of Henry James's Dark Ladies", Research Studies, volume 37, page 54:
  James may not have known women in the biblical sense; but had Adams read the novels with care, he would have been agreeably surprised by the keen insights on the feminine psyche displayed there.
William Wiser (1980) Disappearances, ISBN 0689110626: “As for Modigliani he is not a painter I know so I don't know if he knew Bianca in the biblical sense or not.”
Lyle Leverich (1995) Tom: The Unknown Tennessee Williams, ISBN 0517702258: “Paul says there are still those who knew him, in the Biblical sense, living on the West Coast — that he was "trade" for "everybody."”
Tom LaMarr (2007) Hallelujah City, ISBN 0826340415: “It only stood to reason that a woman who knew Him in a Biblical sense would have to be His bride.”