Last Burst Of Fire Meaning

(idiomatic) A final effort, a final attempt before stopping.

Example: 2005 CE
  [...] in a last burst of fire, striking out at "soft" targets, like [the] stock market, power utilities, or communications centres.
2006 CE: J.D. Tuccille, Full Automatic Tuccille : Full Automatic (Google archive)
  And that's what my column is -- a futile last burst of fire at the rising tide of busybodies and mediocrity.
2006 CE Kloudiia's Kit.
  And it usually is the last burst of fire - if you still ignore this call, then be prepared to bear with the consequences [...]
2006 CE. [1]
  It's the final stretch! Give it the last burst of fire. I must really salute each one of you especially all the WTR. It was physically and mentally draining, but all of you have overcome fatigue and have done extremely well.
2006 CE. [2]
  Getting ready for my last burst of fire for the project during the next 2 weeks. After that I will take my much needed rest.