Live The Dream Meaning

(idiomatic) To experience the achievement of every success that one has aspired to achieve, especially from a career.

Example: 1991 June 19, Sara Rimer, "School Heroes, After the Last Time Up," New York Times (retrieved 5 March 2013):
  But Manny Ramirez is living the dream; two weeks ago, he signed a quarter-million-dollar contract with the Cleveland Indians.
2004 April 12, Andrew D. Arnold, "Keeping It 'Riel'," Time:
  Chester Brown lives the dream. . . . [W]ith the publication of his graphic novel, "Louis Riel," he not only has a hit, but also the accolades of the industry.
2006 July 2, Nick Allen, Beckham stands down as captain, The Independent (UK) (retrieved 5 March 2013):
  Beckham choked back tears. . . . He said he had "lived the dream" but with a new manager taking over it was time for a new captain.