Live With Meaning

(idiomatic) To regard as adequate or manageable although not entirely satisfactory; to accept; to tolerate.

Example: 1954 July 16, "Smith Is Ready to Enter Negotiations at Geneva," Spokane Daily Chronicle, p. 2 (retrieved 23 July 2011):
  France's final terms for an Indochina settlement would be terms which the United States can live with.
2000 Nov. 6, Matt Rees, "Mideast Cease-Fire: 'Peres Is Not Very Hopeful'," Time:
  Israelis don't like the rioting and Molotov cocktails, but they can live with it.
2011 April 8, Neal P. McCluskey, "Business Success Is Easier," New York Times (retrieved 23 July 2011):
  In school systems, leaders have to live with collectivist ideals, which very often get in the way of meaningful and necessary change.