Loser Cruiser Meaning

(idiomatic, derisive) A public motorbus.

Example: 2000 Sept. 24, Merri Rosenberg, "A Shortage of Parking Spaces Plagues the County's High Schools," New York Times (retrieved 13 June 2014):
  In Chappaqua, few self-respecting high school students will ride the bus, derided as the "loser cruiser," preferring to get rides from parents or other students.
2012 April 20, Simon Calder, "'Loser cruiser' or the modern way to Paris?," The Independent (UK) (retrieved 13 June 2014):
  Before I took the first European Megabus on Monday, a friend disparaged the coach as a "loser cruiser".
2012 June 4, Mike Jones, "Comments: Use of public transit is soaring in 2012," USA Today (retrieved 13 June 2014):
  We are all going to be riding the Bus (aka loser cruiser) down to the Unemployment office to receive our Government Benefits pretty soon.
2014 May 14, skessel, "Comments: MassDOT board expected to approve MBTA fare hikes," Boston Globe (retrieved 13 June 2014):
  If you ride the "loser cruiser," the government figures you get what you deserve. Air conditioned bus indeed!