main drag

(informal) The main street of a town or suburb, or the principal highway passing through a rural area.

Example: Used other than as an idiom: see main,‎ drag.
2010, Steve Starling, Fishing For Dummies, page 101,
  In free-spool mode, the main drag is disengaged, so the spool revolves against minimal resistance, feeding line to a fish that has taken your bait.
2003, John Gill, Nick Edwards, Rough Guide to the Ionian Islands, page 244,
  Many of the seafront and main drag businesses specialize in snacks, junk food and British staples such as fish and chips or fry-ups.
2003, Rob Humphreys, Judith Bamber, The Rough Guide to London, page 118,
  As well as being prime bookworm territory, Charing Cross Road is one of the main drags through the West End, flanked by theatres, clubs and rock venues.
2008, Shay A. Mace, Smithsburg Historical Society, Smithsburg, Chapter Two: Main Street: The Main Drag, page 21.
2009, Lisa Scottoline, Look Again, unnumbered page,
  She kept an eye on the house and straightened up as a mail truck appeared on the main drag and began stopping at the houses, delivering packets of mail.
2010, Adrienne Onofri, Walking Brooklyn, page 29,
  Hudson is the main drag of Vinegar Hill, but without a main drag′s typical traffic.