Make Bricks Without Straw Meaning

(idiomatic) To accomplish a task without the proper materials or under unreasonable conditions; to do the impossible.

Example: 1938, Jonas A. Jonasson, Bricks without straw: the story of Linfield College, page 168:
  The founders did more than "make bricks without straw; they dreamed of a great cathedral and laid the foundations for it.
2008, Woody Holton, Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution, ISBN 1429923660, page 30:
  To call on the owners of little farms, the tradesmen, labourers and sailors to pay their proportion of a [£20,000] tax, when perhaps there is not half that sum in circulation is something harder than being forced to make bricks without straw,” he wrote; "it is to make them without clay."
2014, Peter F. Serra, Snapshots of Inspiration, ISBN 1490736549, page 170:
  The problems that we may find ourselves confronted with may be similar to a make bricks without straw condition, imposed by not only others but in large measure ourselves.