Make Someone's Blood Run Cold Meaning

(idiomatic) To cause a person to feel fear, horror, dread, or strong forboding.

Example: 1838, Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist, ch. 20:
  Here, he read of dreadful crimes that made the blood run cold.
1897, W. Somerset Maugham, Liza of Lambeth, ch. 7:
  "Why, it mikes yer blood run cold: they 'ang a man on the stige; oh, it mide me creep all over!"
1914, Lucy Maud Montgomery, "The Man on the Train":
  "It just makes my blood run cold to read about it. And to think that the man who did it is still around the country somewhere—plotting other murders."
2009 Feb. 24, John Otis, "Colombia's Drug Extraditions: Are They Worth It?," Time:
  [T]he prospect of doing hard time in an American penitentiary was about the only thing that made Pablo Escobar's blood run cold.