Meeting Of The Minds Meaning

(idiomatic) An agreement, especially one resulting from a gathering in which discussion or negotiation took place.

Example: 1994 Jan. 10, Marguerite Michaels, "Borderline Breakthrough," Time:
  [E]xhausted negotiators pored over maps and drafts of a proposed agreement in smoke-filled Cairo hotel rooms, until the morning of the third day, when Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres proclaimed that the two sides had "reached a meeting of the minds."
2011 Oct. 10, John Dobosz, "Dancing On The Ceiling Of The Trading Range," Forbes (retrieved 10 Dec 2012):
  [T]he market seems to believe that the leaders have had a meeting of the minds and won’t fail when the time comes to act.
2012 June 4, Martin Fackler, "Japan Leader Changes Cabinet in Push for Tax Bill," New York Times (retrieved 10 Dec 2012):
  Mr. Noda met with Mr. Ozawa twice but the talks failed to yield a meeting of the minds.