Miller Of Dee Meaning

(idiomatic) Someone who lives independently and unattached to others, especially for selfish reasons.

Example: Samuel Warren (1852) The Experiences of a Barrister: “Mr. Wallace, although fortified with a letter bearing the mitred seal of the Bishop the diocese, feels that he is about to come in contact with a great power; an awful something that is not to be trifled with; one of the noblest institutions of our land, who is a very Miller of Dee, and accountable to nobody.”
John Galsworthy (1920) Tatterdemalion, ISBN 1406850519: “He was a regular "Miller of Dee," caring for nobody; and yet he was likeable, that humorous old stoic, who suffered from gall-stone, and bore horrible bouts of pain like a hero.”
Claire Rayner (1992) The Strand, ISBN 070892669X: “"None at all? No parents, no wives, no children of your own?" "Not one, thank God. Miller of Dee, that's me."”