On The Wrong Side Of History Meaning

(idiomatic, usually politics, pejorative) Having policies or practices that are perceived not progressive or enlightened; behaving in a manner that reflects out-of-date or disapproved opinions.

Example: 1993 June 27, "The 'Jurassic Park' Press," Newsweek (retrieved 21 April 2015):
  Washington reporters . . . were seen by the president's people as on the wrong side of history—both technologically and politically.
2007 June 14, Michael Kinsley, "The Quiet Gay Revolution," Time (retrieved 21 April 2015):
  As gays have moved into the mainstream, Republicans have landed on the wrong side of history.
2014 June 25, Linda Greenhouse, "The Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Cellphone Privacy," New York Times (retrieved 21 April 2015):
  The Roberts court has too often been on the wrong side of history, most pointedly in its retrograde refusal to protect the right to vote.