Out Of House And Home Meaning

(idiomatic) In a manner that deprives someone of a dwelling place or some usage thereof.

Example: 1999 May 31, "Pile Drivers Move Residents Out of House and Home," The Press (Christchurch):
2002, Gail White, "Partying with the Intelligentsia" in Gail White: Greatest Hits 1981-2001, ISBN 9781589980426, p. 15 (Google books view):
  Poets will drink you out of house and home
  leaving your living room in disarray
c. 2005, "Helping Your Dog Adjust to a New Home", The Progressive Animal Welfare Society (retrieved 16 April 2015) :
  The other major reason [to puppy-proof] is to keep you from being chewed out of house and home.
c. 2005, "Global Checkup: How Healthy is Earth?", Science NOW:
  Many amphibians are being heated out of house and home.