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Are you in search of updated Pashto to English dictionary? Just translate Pashto to English on this platform. No one can deny the importance of learning multiple languages as it assists a person to be an effective communicator. In today’s era, a person should know different languages to communicate with people from different origin and nationalities. The role of dictionaries is much crucial in this regard. It is a reason that people utilize bilingual or multilingual dictionaries to increase their vocabulary. However, it offers them a great opportunity to learn the meaning of difficult words from other languages.

English Word Pashto Word
Curfew کرفیو
Isolation انزوا
Medical طبي
Meditation مراقبت
Nepotism نیپټوزم
Pandemic پراخه وبا
Panic ورخطايي
Privilege امتیازات
Quarantine قرنطین
Translate ژباړه
Date Of Birth د زیږیدو نیټه
Occupied نیول شوی
Mortal مرګی
Opposite مخالف
Routine روټین
Masculine مذکر
Sunrise لمر راختل
Sweat خوله
Lovely ښکلی
Stubborn ضد
Aftershock افټر شاک
Curious مبهم
Preposition چمتووالی
Guide لارښود
Life ژوند
Siblings خویندې
Contagion ساري ناروغي
Epidemic وبا
Intensity شدت
Lockout لاک آوټ
Privilege امتیازات
Translation ژباړه
Idioms احمقان
Sentence جمله
Grade درجه
Dumb ګونګو
Suggestion وړانديز
Teaching ښوونه
Education تعلیم
Capital سرمایه دار
Essay مقاله
Plasma پلازما
Meaning معنی
Insane لېونی
Manifest څرګند
Intensity شدت
Spouse ښځه
Literal ادبي
Betray خیانت کول
Intent ارادې

Pashto to English Dictionary

The world is now became a global village and people are learning multiple languages to enhance their communication skills in different languages. It enhances the use of bilingual dictionaries in our daily lives.

The Pashto to English dictionary is also a bilingual dictionary that is utilized by a large number of people. As both languages are spoken in Pakistan, it further increased its importance in the country. It is a reason that this page is created to provide you the latest and updated Pashto to English dictionary. Pashto to English dictionary helps to translate Pashto in English language. Pashhto vocabulary can also be learning by this best Pashto to English dictionary.

Translate Pashto to English

There are a large number of people in Pakistan who understand Pashto very well but do not have much grip on the English language. Different people from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa come to different cities of Pakistan for job, business, and education. However, by translating Pashto language to English, they can easily communicate with other people. On the other side, people who are looking to visit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for tourism or business can also utilize this great tool without any hassle. It is facilitation people to translate Pashto to English online.

Online Pashto to English Dictionary

After the high accessibility of internet, the mode of education and training is also changed a lot. When we look at a few years back, people purchase different dictionaries to look at the meaning of the difficult words. It was such a time consuming process that you have to look several pages to reach at the meaning of the word that you want to understand. Now, internet made it much simple for us and people also prefer online dictionaries to search for words and their meanings. This online Pashto to English dictionary is great help in learning as well. You can search for any Pashto word and then click on it to read its Pashto word meanings in English language. The vocabulary is constantly being updated.

Hamariweb online Pashto to English dictionary made it simple to search word along with its meaning. You just have to type the word in the search bar and you’ll get its meaning along with its synonyms, antonyms, origin, and pronunciation.