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Enhance your vocabulary with Pashto to Urdu dictionary. Translate Pashto to Urdu – the world has become a global village and being bilingual is just good for a person. In the modern world, there is a great need of a person who can communicate without any problem in multiple languages. Great hard work and effort is usually required to learn a new language. However, dictionaries play a great role in this regard as you can easily find the meaning about meanings of different difficult words. On the other side, it becomes much easier for a person to be expressive in a language when his/her vocabulary increases.

Phasto Word Urdu Meaning
کرفیوخانہ بندی
نیپټوزماقرباء پروری
پراخه وباوسیع پھیلنے والی وبا
قرنطینعلیحدگی ۔ عام آدمی جو کسی متعدی مرض میں مبتلا ہو گیا ہو
ژباړهترجمہ کرنا
د زیږیدو نیټهتاريخ پيدائش
نیول شویمقبوضہ
لمر راختلطلوع آفتاب
افټر شاکآفٹر شاکس
چمتووالیحرف جار
خویندېبہن بھائی
ساري ناروغيمتعدی مرض
وباوبائی بیماری
لاک آوټلاک اوٹ
امتیازاتبری کرنا
احمقانمحاور ے
تعلیمتعليم و تربيت
سرمایه داردارالحکومت
پلازماخون کا بے رنگ سیال
ښځهشریک حیات
ادبيہو بہو
خیانت کولدھوکا دینا

Pashto to Urdu Dictionary

The importance of a bilingual dictionary can never be undermined. However, it allows great convenience to people by offering the meaning and understanding of both languages. Pashto to Urdu dictionary is also regarded among the important bilingual dictionaries. In earlier times, people utilized different symbols and signs to elaborate their points. With the passage of time, different languages emerged as a source or medium of communication among people. As per different reports, over 6,500 languages have been spoken all around the globe.

Translate Pashto to Urdu

In Pakistan, Urdu is regarded as the national language of the country. On the other side, as the country’s population is based on people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, a large number of regional languages are also spoken in Pakistan. One such language is Pashto. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is among the key provinces of Pakistan and Pashto is its main language. People of the province often prefer to talk in Pashto as it is the mother tongue of most of the people in the region. In addition to it, a large number of people come to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for business and tourism. All of these factors signify the importance of the understanding of Pashto language

It is a reason that Hamariweb has created a special platform for you where you can easily translate Pashto to Urdu and can check the meaning of all difficult words.

Online Pashto to Urdu Dictionary

The beauty of Urdu is that people from any ethnic or cultural background can easily learn this language within a few days. It is a reason that Urdu is acknowledged among the most popular languages in the world. A large number of people in India, Pakistan, and other countries speak and understand language.

The use of Hamariweb online Pashto to Urdu dictionary will allow you to search and find the meaning of any Pashto language word in the Urdu language. So just utilize this great tool and enhance your vocabulary and grip on Urdu. People who face problems in the translation of Pashto sentences or phrases into the Urdu language can use this vast Pashto to Urdu dictionary.