Pee Off Meaning

(idiomatic, slang, sometimes humorous) Euphemistic variant of piss off.

Example: 1973, Leo Simpson, The Peacock Papers, Macmillan,
  page 9 (dialogue): He pees me off on TV. Have we anything of his I could read?
  page 37 (dialogue): Pee off, this is a private conversation, hey?
1984, William Goldman, The Season: A Candid Look at Broadway, Limelight Editions, ISBN 0879100230, page 131,
  I think, subconsciously, this is every performer's nightmare: that you're going to pee them off so much they're going to come up on stage and kill you.
2005, "BC–The Cycling Geek", quoted in Graham Pond, London by London, The Friday Project Ltd (2005), ISBN 0954831810, page 150,
  Anyway, back to the red light point – it's knackering cycling around, and if one thing pees me off it's getting some good momentum up and then having to stop at a pedestrian crossing because someone's pressed the button then crossed anyway […]