Peep Pixels Meaning

(idiomatic, photography) To scrutinize a magnified digital photograph carefully in order to make a technical assessment of resolution and image quality.

Example: 2006 March 23, Jeff Varszegi, "You forgot sharpness. :)," Digital Photography Review ( (retrieved 23 June 2011):
  I'll wager if you peep pixels you'll find plenty of artifacts and other image degradation in images from your P & S.
2006 Oct. 29, Cem Usakligil, "Sigma 12-24 vs EF 10-22," (retrieved 23 June 2011):
  I have then peeped pixels (I admit being guilty by doing so), looked at the sharpness, resolution, barrelling, pincushion, vignetting, you name it.
2008 Jan. 29, patrickvr6, "Dope Trucks2," (retrieved 23 June 2011):
  You can peep pixels all day long and you won't find any evidence of Photoshopping.